Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sri annapoorani catering services

Sri annapoorani catering services: "Sri Annapoorani Catering Services (SACS) started in the year� 1997,�� Mr.R.Krishnan who has many year of rich experience and� expertise i..."

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sarvesh pest control

Building construction is not just a matter of brick laying and painting. It involves umpteen other things. Pest control is one among them. Constructing a building without giving any thought to the control of pests means slow destruction of the building we have meticulously planned and built, because pests are the most dangerous enemies of our buildings.

In this context pest control service assumes greater significance. Which is why the companies offering pest control service are sought after much by the builders and owners of buildings alike.

Sarvesh Enterprises is an organization engaged in the effective control of pests and rodents.

Got a pest or termite control problem? We have extensive knowledge, training and experience to handle any type of pest and termite menace. We are one of the leading company providing pest control services in Chennai.

* Pest control services
* Industrial pest control
* Residential pest control
* Commercial pest control
* Termite control

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